Dolomais lo snack sano e leggero con ingredienti delle Dolomiti

The polenta crusts Dolomais aren't fried; instead, they are oven-baked without adding fats and using exclusively the oils naturally present in the corn to keep intact the original flavour, the nutritional properties and the wholesomeness of the ingredients.

We don't use any chemical additives for the conservation of the polenta's crusts Dolomais. Their preservation takes place naturally thanks to the drying process which, by eliminating the water, allows the Dolomais to keep their flavour without deteriorating.

We only use whole wheat flour from Mais Sponcio, an ancient native variety from the Belluno's valley that gives an extraordinary flavour to the Dolomais polenta's crusts, thanks to the cultivation in a healthy and clean environment at the feet of the Dolomites.

The origin of the

Mais Sponcio delle Dolomiti Bellunesi

made ONLY with

salt, water, mais flour

The polenta’s crusts Dolomais are healthy, light and natural snacks made with just three ingredients: salt, whole corn flour and water from the Dolomites. We grow our corn in a pure and uncontaminated environment at the foot of the Dolomites, UNESCO World Heritage site, to create a product of the highest quality that recalls an ancient flavour of mountain tradition.

Dolomais with Asiago PDO cheese

The Farmhouse Bon Tajer Bon Tajer is pleased to announce that the Dolomais with the Asiago PDO cheese are available from today: the classic flavour of the polenta’s crusts Dolomais joins the taste of the PDO cheese of cow’s milk that, concerning production, is the main one in Italy. PDO


Dolomais with Piave POD cheese

Dolomais has always been the expression of the most genuine and traditional flavours of Belluno, thanks to the strong tradition that links the polenta crusts to the mountain territory of the province. That’s why the collaboration with Lattebusche, a historical Belluno cooperative dairy that has made Piave POD cheese one