Dolomais with Piave POD cheese

Dolomais has always been the expression of the most genuine and traditional flavours of Belluno, thanks to the strong tradition that links the polenta crusts to the mountain territory of the province. That’s why the collaboration with Lattebusche, a historical Belluno cooperative dairy that has made Piave POD cheese one of the most popular and well-known local products in the world, was born spontaneously.

Dolomais with Piave POD, an illustrious marriage of flavours

From the marriage between these two excellences, the Dolomais with Piave POD cheese are born: a tasty snack like you’ve never tried before. Unlike standard commercial products “with the taste of cheese”, inside the Dolomais with Cheese Piave POD, the cheese is really present… and what a cheese!

On 11 June 2018 in Brussels, on the occasion of the Superior Taste Award, Piave dop Vecchio “Selezione Oro” was awarded the Crystal Taste Award, the prestigious award given to products that for three consecutive years get the maximum rating of 3 stars, confirming a product of excellent quality. It is the only Italian cheese to have obtained this prestigious recognition. And this is just one of the many awards won by this exceptional cheese.

Dolomais with Piave Dop, a healthy snack to be enjoyed
Thanks to the addition of Piave POD cheese the Dolomais become even more delicious, yet eaten by themselves!

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