Dolomais with Asiago PDO cheese

The Farmhouse Bon Tajer Bon Tajer is pleased to announce that the Dolomais with the Asiago PDO cheese are available from today: the classic flavour of the polenta’s crusts Dolomais joins the taste of the PDO cheese of cow’s milk that, concerning production, is the main one in Italy. PDO means that it can be produced only with milk from the Asiago area, as certified by the appropriate control bodies.

Dolomais with Asiago PDO cheese

The polenta’s crusts Dolomais with Asiago PDO cheese are really tasty because of the combination of these two great and ancient ingredients of the Venetian gastronomic tradition. The production of Asiago has become prevalent in the homonymous plateau since the mid-800, while the polenta crusts are a peasant food whose origins are lost in the memory of the times. That’s why the combination of two so traditional flavours is really fantastic on the palate and conveys a harmonious and consistent taste.

The Asiago dop cheese Dolomais are fantastic tasted alone because they are a super-healthy and light snack made only with water from the Dolomites, corn flour, salt and Asiago POD cheese, without the addition of any chemical, oil or preservative. Indeed they’re baked, not fried, to maintain their natural lightness.

Even if tasted alone are yet fantastic, try to eat the Dolomais with Asiago POD cheese in combination with a local salami for a tasty snack, or in place of bread: you will be amazed by their strong but delicate flavour, which will enhance the pairings with meat, sauces, or anything your imagination suggests.

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