This short film tells the ancient origin of the Dolomais, the culture and the tradition that is behind the product and representing the philosophy with which it has been created.

The polenta is a poor dish that was omnipresent in the tables of mountain farmers, especially those from the Belluno area.

In the old years, when somebody cooked polenta, the remnants attached to the copper pot after cooking were commonly called “polenta crusts” and used on many occasions: softened in milk in the morning, eaten together with cheese instead of bread, soaked in wine, etc. They were a joy for everyone, especially for children who were waiting with trepidation because they were goodies, something like the fries is nowadays for our children.

From the ancient and traditional polenta’s crusts, born our Dolomais: a tasty snack, but also healthy and light made with only three ingredients: salt, wholemeal corn flour (we use the ancient variety “Mais Sponcio” from the Belluno’s valley) and water from the Dolomites.

Dolomais - the origin of tradition