Between the peaks of the Dolomites,

We have historical
roots and values
After the Second World War, the life of grandfather Libero, a young emigrant to Germany, takes a courageous and ambitious change of direction: a return to the enchanting landscapes of the majestic mountains of his childhood. With his wife and five children, he decided to start his own farm, a symbol of an unspoilt place and the genuine passion that had always distinguished him.

In 1980, Grandpa Libero returned from Germany, joining his daughter Ramona in cheese production in an alpine hut in the Belluno region, located at an altitude of 1300 metres. There, his daughter falls in love with the agricultural culinary world, fuelling her desire to open a farmhouse.

In 1989, the fortunate meeting with Angelo, Ramona’s future husband, started the construction of the farmhouse that had always been dreamed of. Thus was born a project that revived the ancient traditions of the Dolomites, handed down by grandfather Libero during the days spent in the Malga.


With the passing of time, the fertile mountain land becomes the place where the roots of grandfather’s experience and wisdom intertwine with Ramona and Angelo’s curiosity and innovation. Together, over time, they will pursue the goal of seeking authenticity of flavour through the natural use of raw materials, respecting the spontaneity of the seasons and the balance of the ecosystem.

30 March 1991 marks the opening of the Bon Tajer farmhouse, a mountain location characterised by simple, rustic cuisine rooted in local traditions. This represents the beginning of the evolution of Dolomais, where traditional ingredients are reinterpreted in culinary terms to create new dishes.

Unexpected success came with the ‘Storie di Mais’, an iconic Dolomais product that took over five years of trial and error, passion and work to perfect. Since its opening, the mission of the Bon Tajer farmhouse has won everyone over, bringing traditional mountain goodness to classic wooden chopping boards.


In 1993, art proliferated in the farmhouse when Ramona and Angelo brought in artists from all over the world to decorate the chopping boards used to plate their creations. The success is extraordinary, attracting the attention of the national media, who report how the ‘platter of good memories’ left for guests had turned into an art collection of 1000 unique pieces, created by international artists.

Today, it is the heirs’ mission to evolve the local gastronomic culture and spread it around the world through Dolomais, an exciting story of rediscovered tradition where the charm of the Dolomites hosts ‘The Peak of Taste’.

We nourish


Our passion for tradition is combined with respect for nature, and in every product we prepare we celebrate the harmony between man and environment. We also embrace innovation, to pursue our mission with a touch of contemporary creativity.

We preserve


To the values
of tradition

To the experience
of craftsmanship

To the purity
of the raw material

To the quality
of the products

To the lightness
of taste

To the connection
with territory