Dolomais is a story of goodness, tradition and ancient recipes handed down from generation to generation. A journey that began a good two centuries ago, when maize began to populate the territory of the Dolomites and gave rise to our first products that we now celebrate with the name “Storie di Mais”, a synthesis of a past rich in values today reinterpreted in a modern key with the same passion, dedication of the past and a few small secrets…




For over two centuries, a food that has nourished entire generations and is emblematic of rural life, of a world in which people appreciated the gift and value of time. A steaming full moon that is still prepared today with care, effort and love. A gesture, a ritual, a gift from nature. She, maize polenta, that extraordinary cereal introduced to Europe by Christopher Columbus, has brightened tables and enlivened hearts. A very short chain, from the field to the farmyard, then to the mill and finally into the boiling water of the cauldron.

“Natural, genuine, the fruit of peasant labour, a social aggregator that called everyone together around the table to share joys, hard times and spend quality time among those who loved each other
and rejoiced in simplicity”.



In a time long past, corn cultivation profoundly marked the life of the Belluno countryside, bringing with it winds of change in farming practice. Corn, with all its bounty, was the guardian of our ancestors’ food supply, becoming the beating heart of mountain cereal production. The fields vibrant with changing colours and its enveloping scent filled the laborious days of the farmers with life, becoming a distinctive mark that characterises the rural landscape on the slopes of the Dolomites.



From time immemorial, the cooking of polenta left a precious secret in the copper pot: a thin, lively and crispy layer, which, once cooled, was transformed into an authentic snack of yesteryear, a delicacy coveted by all, ready to be shared in crispy flakes. A sin of gluttony that was difficult to resist and that turned into an authentic sharing ritual.

“At the centre of the table, a majestic beech wood cutting board waited patiently for the polenta, ready to embrace it with warmth and welcome. A veritable invocation to pleasure when, once poured, it expanded, steaming and inviting…”.



Today, corn has become the main ingredient of our Storie di Mais, golden, crispy pastries filled with a deep respect for one of the earth’s gifts that has nourished many generations. A modern reinterpretation that celebrates the high value of tradition, sharing, and the strength of the mountain community that strives every day to protect the cultural and culinary heritage of the Dolomites.